Debit Card

The Regency Tax Debit Card works like an ATM/Debit Card. We provide the taxpayer with a Prepaid Debit Card at the time their taxes are prepared. When the taxpayer's refund is received, we deduct applicable fees and place the proceeds on to the Debit Card 


Client benefits:

  • Taxpayer avoids fees that may be charged when cashing a check.
  • No out of pocket expense required for tax preparation. We deduct your fees from the proceeds of the taxpayer's refund.
  • Funds can be withdrawn from the card at ATM or merchants who accepts VISA / MASTERCARD
  • Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden charges or setup charges for the card



The Internal Revenue Service has announced plans to open the 2020 filing season on Jan. 27 and encouraged taxpayers to use e-file or Free File as the fastest way to receive refunds.
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